Government services - fast, easy, accessible

Government services - fast, easy, accessible
IPSDUZАналитические документы

Аналитические документы

  • Application of BLOCKCHAIN ​​technology in the provision of public services in Uzbekistan

  • Methodical manual on the issues of effective organization of the activities of the secretariats of the local councils of people's deputies

  • Management of human resources in local government bodies

  • Analytical paper. Legal and regulatory frameworks in European Union on private sector involvement in public service delivery

  • Capacity needs assessment report for business process re-engineering in public service delivery in Uzbekistan

  • Report on Capacity Assessment and ROADMAP to increase capacities and availability on involving private sector actor in delivering public services in Uzbekistan

  • Local government performance measurement in Uzbekistan

  • A local government management training evaluation and improvement of the training program design

  • System of provision of public services and potential of employees Centers of State Services in Surkhandarya, Kashkadarya, Jizzakh, and Syrdarya regions

  • Business Process Reengineering (BPR) for the standardization of two public services in three pilot cities of Uzbekistan

  • On the results of the analysis of the development needs of responsible employees of PAA/PSC and corresponding government agencies, and assessment of the quality of provision of public services delivered through PSC in 5 pilot regions of Uzbekistan.

  • Summary of Best Practices of Public Private Partnerships in Public Service Delivery. Improvement of public service delivery and governance in rural areas of Uzbekistan.

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